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​At Burrows Contractors we will undertake all aspects of the construction of natural sports pitches from start to finish. We have experience working as part of larger projects with developers where they can focus their attention on the construction aspects of the project leaving the sports pitches to a true specialist. Alternatively we are happy to undertake smaller bespoke projects. Examples of completed projects can be found here

spray off sports pitch

Spraying off Existing Sward

Any existing grass sward is sprayed off with herbicide and subsequent cultivation or stripping and removal.


Major Earthworks

Stripping and stockpiling of topsoil using excavators and laser controlled bulldozers. Cut and fill of the subsoil to ensure a level consolidated base. Replacement of topsoil


Topsoil Grading

Leveling of topsoil using laser controlled grader ensures an even finish.

Stone Burying

Stone Burying

To bury stones, creating an even soil surface and potentially mixing extra material (eg sand).

Sports Pitch Drainage


An effective land drainage system is the key to prolonging and maintaining the quality of an area of land.

Sand amelioration

Sand Amelioration

Sand used for the amelioration of topsoil is placed over the works area and spread with specialist sand spreaders

Seed Bed Preparation

Seedbed preparation

Levelling and finishing of the surface including stone picking and burying, prior to the application of a pre-seed fertiliser and specified seed


Application of fertiliser and seed

Application of a pre-seed fertiliser and final seeding



An irrigation system can facilitate renovation work and speed the establishment of young grass


Initial Maintenance

Can include, brushing, light rolling, mowing, fertiliser application, top dressing and aeration

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