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rice 3


A lighter grader suitable for levelling works in both the agricultural and industrial sectors (eg agriculture, sports grounds, construction, roads)

FEATURES shared by all models

Blade curvature for lower power absorption due to rolling of any type of land,

Frame designed and made with innovative systems and top quality material, in order to warrant sturdiness and stability, avoiding torsion that would offset the level and damage the machine.

Cutting edge made of wear-and-tear milled steel for deeper penetration.

Trolley with 4, 6 or 8 wheels assembled on equalizers, in order to achieve excellent stability also at high speed.

Precision fluid power system with independent tank with 1 dampened on-off electric valve

Tow hook with 3 articulated joints and fork “Fontana” model.

Automatic shifting from transport position (2.5m) to work position and vice versa without having to put any safety/blocking tie-rod or pin.

Height of blade 95cm

Optional Extras

Wide wheels (40cm)

Push-button panel for electric valve

Proportional electric valve

Blade extension module (25cm / 50cm or 100cm)

Blade upper part

Additional graduated hydraulic mast to hold a 2nd laser receiver with electric valve

Adjustable lateral stabilising skids

Extension module for trolley with arms (6m version)


Please contact us where we would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quotation

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